Mysint100 Dual Laser is a professional metal 3D printer improved with two laser sources: it has been specifically developed for the dental sector, where on point timing in deliveries does make a difference in gaining efficiency and profits. Thanks to the double laser sources the productivity can be increased up to 80%. The increased speed of production allows to reach an extreme flexibility: the deadline for overnight deliveries can be pushed forward, batch and time allowances are finally under your control and can be allocated as efficiently as possible. Production cycles can be optimized on your costumer’s needs and conditions, with no extra effort from your side. Reduced production times can lead either to a daylight shift - only - working environment or on the contrary the possibility of an extra productivity overnight, together with fast lane delivery strategies. All of this while being conveniently operated by a single operator, without the need of loading or unloading peripherals. The patented tilting coater allows a notable reduction of the re-coating time, thus significantly improving the productivity. mysint100 Dual Laser is an open system: each machining parameter and the entire production strategy are fully customizable according to every specific need.

The uniform and stable inert gas flow grants the best melting stability while keeping its consumption down to a minimum (patented). In its RM - Reactive Materials configuration, ie specifically equipped to be able to work reactive metals such as titanium and aluminum, mysint100 Dual Laser is offered with an adaptation to the working chamber which allows to safely process this type of metal powders, greatly widening its possibilities of application with these materials. Building volume ⌀100 x h100 mm.

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